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Studio on the river

Our Artists

Our artists have been living, working and painting in Maine for many years. This studio is a collaborative space for the artists and their many creative friends.

Amy J. Gagnon

Growing up in the countryside, I spent much of my time outdoors, exploring the woods and fields around my family’s home. I began drawing and painting in earnest when I was about twelve, eventually building a little studio in the barn. During the summer months it was my favorite place to be. Many of the subjects that I paint are from my rural upbringing; the plants, trees, fields, life in central Maine. These are the places I have been and want to remember. I currently live in Bar Harbor with my partner Kevin and our two dogs.

Here is her portfolio

Dwight Gagnon

I consider myself an amateur artist, creating for family and friends, and entering local fair exhibits. I use art as social connection and a way of maintaining sanity. My current studio is a temporary arrangement near a wood stove in the basement of my home. I work mostly in the winter, and I'm most productive when there is a raging snowstorm outside, the stove is burning, the cat is sleeping close by, and there is good music on the radio. Growing good healthy food at home, conservation, and  appreciation of all forms of art have been life long pursuits due to my education in environmental science and the connections I've made through Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association , Natural Resources Council of Maine , The Colby Museum of Art, The Farnsworth Art Museum, and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. I live in Benton Falls, Maine with my wife Kay and cat Sophie.

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Sandy Olson

I picked up a camera in 1974. I am the sole proprietor of Watershed Narratives. I live in a small house on a ridge in rural Central Maine.

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River House Studio

Originally a farmhouse with a large barn, the River House was once the home to Amy’s great great grandparents. Located along the banks of the Sebasticook River, the area is prime habitat for many species of birds and fish, including eagles and alewives. The studio is a work in progress. Dwight has used it in the summer months for the last three years and in the future we hope for it to be year-round.